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Foto og prosjekt-bøker
Jeg har laget flere foto og prosjekt-bøker som dere kan se på ISSUU.

Darker#2 Limited Edition Metal Box

Now is the limited edition of the magazine, Darker#2 released; 10 metal boxes containing the magazine, along with two numbered and signed original prints. It is available only by order directly from Yngvar Larsen or Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen.

The magazine – 136 pages of photography by Yngvar Larsen and Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen followed by a text by Eva Løveid Mølster – can be previewed and bought as an ebook for iPad and iPhone, or a softcover book from Blurb now.

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Softcover magazine  -  41,15 €
Darker#2 Limited Edition Metal Box, edition: 10 eks , 111,- € + shipping

Daniel Elias Simon Benjamin by Yngvar Larsen | Make Your Own Book
Photography by Yngvar Larsen

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