New Concrete

Wide Mouth. 2014. Metal, Concrete 

Black.Sharpie.Holder. 2014. Sharpie on concrete

Black Star Miami

Sketch for a black out project for Miami, all electricity in a star shape will be shut off for 1-2 hours....


ANNIVERSARY SHOW ON VIEW FEBRUARY 4-7, 2014 Open to the public during regular hours for 3 days only: Wed, Feb 5 through Fri, Feb 7 

Sketches for Drive Thru Davie exhibition

Light in the dark.
Sketches for photo exhibition with photo from my Florida photoblog:

The idea is to combine black and white photo and sculptures.

Sketches for new sculptures

Above: Sketch for A Sweeter Scream (after Munch) 2013
Left: Corn Pole 2013, corn cobs cast in concrete.