100811 New Photo book

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Artist statement  /  About the photo book
Daniel Elias Simon Benjamin
By Yngvar Larsen
In my photos am I trying to make a 3 dimensional space by showing photos from the same shooting, where the focus is moving
around in the space, from person to person. For me the photo books are like a slow motion film. When the focus is moving
around, you can se me as the spectator in the photos. You can see my thoughts moving around on the set.

In this series of photos, my two sons Alvar Elias and Karsten Benjamin and their two friends Simon and Daniel was my main
models. I wanted to make some honest photos, focusing on the drifting movement in between them.
Pictures that show their
pubertal pimples and their blunt energy.

The photos was taken on location in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Krölle Müller in the Netherlands, august 2011.