240911 Text by Portia Pettersen

I just found this blog post by Portia Pettersen about my work:

YNGVAR LARSEN - I have always struggled with art described as ‘utopian’. It has always bothered me that written within the definition of utopia are the seeds of it’s own destruction; namely the fact that it is not obtainable. It can and never will be obtained. Desire and even pursuit of that desire is not enough when it comes to utopia. So to describe Larsen’s work as ‘utopian’ is to paint him the fool in my opinion. Personally I feel his work addresses much more delicate issues in society.
It is most likely the Yevgeny Zamyatin battling it out with the Sir Thomas More inside of me that allows me to speak so rashly, but Larsen’s work explores the failures of capitalism and consumerism amongst other topics. Well worth a look. 

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